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Lactation Support

Lactation Support offered in Colorado Springs, CO

At Newma, the team provides lactation support for breastfeeding. The international board-certified lactation consultants assist with preparing new moms for breastfeeding, establishing breastfeeding after delivery, and correcting feeding issues. The team also evaluates infants for conditions that affect feeding, such as lip or tongue ties. You don’t have to do it all on your own when it comes to breastfeeding. Call Newma or schedule your lactation support consultation online today.

Lactation Support Q&A

What is lactation support?

Lactation support is a type of women’s health care that helps moms with breastfeeding. Newma has a team of international board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLC) with specialized training in initiating and supporting women throughout their breastfeeding journey. 

Breastfeeding offers many benefits to mom and baby. It ensures your baby gets the right nutrition to support growth and development, supplies antibodies to strengthen the immune system, and helps with bonding.

When breastfeeding isn’t easy, is painful, or you feel unsure about nursing, the team at Newma can help with lactation support. 

I’m pregnant and want to breastfeed. Should I get lactation support now?

Newma provides lactation support before delivery, immediately after delivery, and anytime you need professional advice for feeding your baby. 

If you’re pregnant and feel unsure about breastfeeding or want to know everything possible before the baby is born, then you should schedule a consultation with the lactation support team at Newma. 

What types of services can I expect from lactation support?

You can expect comprehensive lactation support services from Newma. Some of the lactation services include:

Education and Support

The team at Newma can prepare you for breastfeeding and provide ongoing support so you can continue to nurse your baby for as long as you desire.


Many new moms worry about making sure their baby is latching on correctly. The team at Newma can teach you different positions for better latching and comfort.

Painful Latch

You shouldn’t feel any nipple pain or discomfort when your baby latches on. If you have a painful latch, the team at Newma can find the problem and improve your comfort. 

Low Supply

Many women stop breastfeeding earlier than they want because of the low supply of breastmilk. The team at Newma can teach you nursing and pumping techniques to keep your supply up. 

Clogged Ducts and Mastitis

Newma has a therapeutic ultrasound to treat clogged ducts and mastitis. This treatment relieves pain, restores milk flow, and may prevent the need for antibiotics.

Infant Feeding Concerns

Newma also assesses for infant conditions such as lip or tongue tie, slow weight gain, and nipple shield weaning (a device that improves breastfeeding for women with flat or inverted nipples). Their consultants are also able to assist with more complex situations, such as supplemental nursing systems (SNS) and induction of lactation.

Professional lactation support from Newma ensures you and your baby stay healthy while nursing. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.